Cassandra Baptism July 28, 2013

Sorry it took me so long to post this.  This was a very special moment.  Cassandra’s Grandparents, Ron and Anita were present and the student body of the church stood around in support, which wasn’t expected but was nice for them to do.  I and Michelle said a few words to Cassandra and I didn’t videotape much as I wanted to just enjoy it.

Cassandra Baptism

To my loving wife. I haven’t written anything to you in awhile, forgive me…you are always in my prayers and thoughts.

For the lonely ache darkened the mind of this man as night.
A woman’s searching heart of daylight for right!
A moment of now, they again should meet!
For they sang with joy, together at God’s holy feet!
Then joined as one, was pleasing in His sight.
Two made whole and ready to fight!
Their strengths and weakness the world to test.
Together they run, together was best!
Searching like all for the settling dove.
They leave the earth, expressions of their love.
Oh! That their futures trust the Lord is their desire!
Before the silver cord breaks and breath will expire.
Eternity ahead, walking as one with held hands!
The love of God chose those golden bands!
A man’s mind in the light had become right!
For this woman found their love as they met again that night.